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Everyone loves “hacks”. I have no exception to making my life easier and better, I love to find different ways. Today through this article, I am going to tell you one of the best techniques. This is a legal SEO hack technique that you can start using right now. For any person, it is not difficult to implement it. The other name of these robots. The txt file is the robot exclusion protocol and standard. On social media, this file is a part of every website. For SEO enhancement I have seen clients after the clients bend over backward typing. When I tell someone else they can edit a little txt file people do not believe me.

Anyhow, there are many methods of enhancing SEO that is not much difficult and time-consuming and this method is one of them. If you find the source code of your website, you can use this website easily. At the present time, if you are ready, I will clearly tell you how to change robots. Txt file or how search engines accept it and like it.

How to Create a Robots.txt File:

According to your selection by using the plain text editor, you can create the simple robots.txt file. If you have already robots. Txt file now first of all deleted the text. You will need to become habitual with some of, the syntax used in robots. Txt file.

Now the wait is never I will tell you, How to set a simple robots.txt file. You will start it by using the agent term. You can apply it all to web robots. You have faced no error if you will put this code on your website which I am going to tell you. I hope this code will be favorable for you.

Code for Robots.txt File:

(Paste Code)

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Disallow: /category/

Disallow: /tag/

Allow: /


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