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IB Pakistan NTS Jobs 2023-Complete Guide for Intelligence Bureau IB NTS-2023 Online Preparation MCQs Question Answers Details for Planning and Obtaining Complete Dates Test Interviews Schedule Written physical examination is also required of candidates. You’re all working hard to fulfil your ambition of joining the Intelligence Bureau. Intelligent Bureau just advertised new job openings in many Pakistani cities. To assist you prepare for the next Jobs test, we have supplied Intelligence Bureau MCQs and Past Papers.IB Pakistan NTS Jobs 2023..

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 As a result, candidates who have filed or are planning to submit an application should review this website IB Written Test Syllabus 2023. In summary, the Intelligence Bureau will conduct a written test, hence the applicant is requesting the IB written test syllabus. As a result, we warn anyone who download and see the whole IB Written Test Syllabus 2023 here. Let’s get this party started!

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We recommend these notes and past papers for the greatest preparation, so use them and score well on written examinations. You must read the post below in order to check IB Exam Syllabus 2023-2024 for GD / OM Posts and obtain the Preparation material. As a result, the IB operates under the Pakistan Government, which was established in 1947.

Intelligence Bureau NTS Past Papers Download Online

You are all prepared to fulfil your ambition of working for the Intelligence Bureau. So, it is now up to you to make certain that you do not skip any work in order to complete the full course and practise. In addition, for the next Jobs test, we are providing Intelligence Bureau MCQs with solution papers and Papers from the previous year to help you prepare better.


The Intelligence Bureau examines previous papers to identify what types of questions are posed and how challenging they are. Pakistan’s government acknowledges the IB in 1947. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) is a Pakistani civilian intelligence organisation. You’re all working hard to fulfil your ambition of joining the Intelligence Bureau.

Assistant Director IB Past Papers Download

The third portion will cover daily current events, while the fourth will include Islamic studies. Current Affairs refers to the most recent news from a country or the world. Our page contains all of the most recent news and sports information. The Intelligence Bureau IB 2023 is written as follows. Pakistan Intelligence Bureau Jobs 203 (IB).

Urdu/ English Translation10%
Pak Studies5%
Islamic Studies5%
General Knowledge10%
Current Affairs10%
Computer IT10%


Head Office Address:Block K, Secretariat Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

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