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Mardam Shumari 2023 App Login on this page. Check out the details at Pakistan’s self-enumeration portal. Every Pakistani citizen can now take part in the 7th Digital Census by going to and using a new idea called “Self-Enumeration.” The self-enumeration idea is done on a household level, like a census. Anyone in that household or family who lives and eats together as a single family can sign up, along with everyone else in that household or family. So, it’s a very convenient way for every person in a house to sign up, along with everyone in his family.

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Mardam Shumari in Pakistan 2023 APP: Mardam Shumari, or the Census, is a thorough. important process that helps a country figure out its population statistics. The last census in Pakistan was in 2017, and the government has said that there will be another one in 2023. The upcoming Mardam Shumari in Pakistan in 2023 is expected to give the government important information. that will help them make policies and allocate resources based on what the people need.

Mardam Shumari App Login

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Under this new idea of Self-Enumeration, Centers like Hostels, Hotels, Madrassahs, Orphanages, Old Houses, Prisons, Rehabilitation Centers like Edhi, and other Centers are treated as Collective Households. Self-enumeration does not work in shared households. The Government Self-Enumeration Representative will go to the collective residence and register each person who lives there afterward. Because of this, it will be easier for everyone in a household and every citizen to use the new Self-Enumeration system. The link for self-enumeration will be live on February 20, 2023. To sign up, go to, which is the PBS self-enumeration website.

Mardam Shumari 2023 App Login

The Ministry of Home Affairs formed the census organisation in 1950, and it carried out the first three censuses while it was a member of that Ministry. Because knowledge, experience, and consistency used to be lost after every census, as was the case in 1951 and 1961, the Census Organization was established permanently following the 1972 Census and became an associated department of the Ministry of Interior.

Importance of Mardam Shumari in Pakistan 2023

Every country needs to do the Mardam Shumari exercise, and Pakistan is no different. The census gathers a lot of information about the country’s people, such as their ages, genders, rates of literacy, and employment status. Then, this information is used to decide how to spend money, plan development projects, and make rules.

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