MEPCO New Connection 2023 Apply Now

MEPCO New Connection 2023 Apply Now-Consumers in Multan know better. The largest electricity company in Punjab is Mepco. It mostly spans southern Punjab, which includes numerous tiny villages, due to its large customer base. Therefore, this electric supply corporation provides electricity to every tiny town. Thus, the government decided to convert its system from a manual to an online Mepco application. such as Mepco’s online billing, new connection, etc.MEPCO New Connection 2023 Apply Now.

People who desire to build a new connection in the past. They travel to the regional offices to submit applications and submit submissions for installations. However, everyone may now submit a free online application.MEPCO New Connection 2023 Apply Now.

MEPCO New Connection 2023

 MEPCO New Connection

You are seeking for Mepco New Connection and internet solutions to it as a result. Your new Connection may now be registered online. You can complete the online form to apply for the new connection rather of going to the closest office. The procedure stays the same the entire time since Mepco is trying its best help its consumers.

MEPCO New Connection Application

Free online application forms are available at for a new MEPCO connection. For your convenience, we’ve included detailed instructions below for connection, registration, submission, and follow-up. All fields on the application must be filled out, and all necessary supporting papers must be included.

You can register an email or send the application to the appropriate MEPCO office. Next that, a receipt and a serial number will be given to you as confirmation to the applicant for the following procedure or reference provided by the MEPCO office.

How to apply for Mepco new connection?

You can apply for a new connection through Mepco Online by clicking the button above if you use Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) and wish to install a metre. There you may enter the information below into the web form

                نیچے دیا گیا لنک پا کلک کرے

Mepco demand Notice Tracking 2023

When filing the demand notice, you may also track it. Users of Mepco choose this monitoring system since it is simple to verify everything from home. People used to visit regional or subdivision offices to learn about their relationships. Now that the demand notice has been submitted and verified. Mepco places the new connection where you want it.

MEPCO New Connection Complete Procedure For Starter 2023

An electrical provider in Pakistan named MEPCO serves Multan’s locality with electricity. You may either go to a nearby office to create a new connection with MEPCO or make an online request to do so. Either approach requires completing an application and delivering it to a corporate representative. We expand on the new connection to Online MEPCO in this entry.

Mepco new connection tracking

You can get a tracking ID, which is a key for checking the status of your application, after submitting the new connection application form. There is no way to trace the application if you lose that ID. Print that ID, then store it in the important programme. Since is the official website, you may rapidly follow all the steps of the application there.

Method for checking MEPCO application status

when an online MEPCO metre application has been filed. Customers are required to pay the expected demand notice fee that MEPCO has assessed to the Potential Customers. Consumers can check the status of their MEPCO online application after paying the demand fee to see how the process is going. There are two methods to go about the new connection tracking process at MEPCO. The first method is to input the tracking number to check the online status on the website. The other way is to get in touch with the relevant officer who is in charge of installing the new MEPCO connection at the customer’s location.

MEPCO Free Supply Form

Because of MEPCO’s partnership with WAPDA, if you work for the firm, you may get all of your express requirements met and receive free power. Employees in WAPDA and MEPCO offices are able to complete these forms. You also require this form if you require power discounts. They enter the reference number and all of the employee’s details before accepting this form.

MEPCO New Connection Fee

Following the acceptance of your application, you will get an MEPCO demand letter outlining the security deposits and other fees you might anticipate. These include the new metre fees introduced by MEPCO and additional NEPRA-approved connection fees.

These fees are entirely dependent on the eligibility of each customer, as approved by NEPRA. Following that, the MEPCO demand notice fee must be placed into the bank account specified in your application form, with supporting paperwork readily available for subsequent collection if necessary. If money was given in cash before your application was granted, the money will be returned once the requested work is done within 10 working days of finishing the necessary paperwork, such as signing in and registering and providing a copy of your FIR.

Approval Of Applicant’s Installation

Due to the advance notification, MEPCO will need to check and verify any electrical wiring or energy-consuming metres before they are connected to its distribution system. MEPCO is not permitted to accept any new connections to the system unless they have undergone a thorough evaluation.

Replacement of Meter

Only by filing a formal complaint is the consumer permitted to alter or replace the metre. The MEPCO has the right to replace the metre if there is a question about it.

MEPCO has updated its connection prices with a few new improvements. The cost of a new connection has increased from Rs. 1400 to Rs. 5000, which presents people with a significant difficulty. However, the issue arises when consumers who have already filed their Rs. 3400 demand notice are informed that they must deposit an additional Rs. 1400 in order to obtain a new connection. Additionally, MEPCO has abandoned its plan to give the connection 40 metres of free wiring. Only 15 metres of wire are now provided, and clients must pay an additional Rs. 100 per metre for the further wire they want.

So, The New Connection Fee is Approximately: Rs. 5000

MEPCO Directory

  • Multan Region
  • D.G. Khan Region
  • Vehardi region
  • Bahawalpur region
  • Sahiwal Region
  • R.Y.Khan region
  • Muzafrrargardh region
  • Bahawalnagar Circle
  • Bahawalnager region

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