From this site, you can check the homoeopathy NCH DHMS result for 2022. Here, you can find the NCH DHMS results for the first, second, third, and fourth years. The National Council for Homeopathy, Government of Pakistan, is in charge of the DHMS annual exams. Here, you can look at the full mark sheet.

You can look up your result using your name, roll number, or CNIC. The DHMS Annual Examination has been done as of June/July 2022. Usually, the Doctor of Homeopathic Medical Science Annual Exam 2022 DHMS Result comes out three months after the exam begins. The results of this year’s DHMS exam are now posted on the NCH website and on the Team, which will also keep you up to date.

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Visit this page for the latest news and updates about NCH Diploma in Homeopathic Medical Science Results, chosen candidates’ records, and interview letters.

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We’re happy to let you know that we’ve talked to officials, and they’re getting ready to announce the year’s results. Here, you can quickly look up the DHMS results from last year by roll number. Applicants can also find out about NCH approvals, the merit list, and the results. On this page, you can also look at the results for all subjects and courses from the previous year.

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There are 21 people on the council. Here are the things on the list: Four members who are registered homoeopaths are chosen by the provincial government. From the 11 registered and listed homoeopathic practitioners in each province, one member is chosen.

The professors at colleges that are allowed to teach homoeopathy choose two people from the list. The Federal Government chooses two scientists who work in relevant fields and one Deputy Secretary (Budget) from the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination.

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Check online to see when the results of the DHMS annual exam for the year 2022 will be made public. Through this page, DHMS students will be able to get to Gazzette. All colleges that are part of the National Council of Homeopathy can get the gazette DHMS result 2022. Within seven days of announcing the 2022 D.H.M.S. results, all students’ detailed mark sheets will be sent to the principal’s office.

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The National Council for Homeopathy is made up of people from each of Pakistan’s four provinces who meet the qualifications below and have been approved and registered by both the federal government and the local governments in each province.

The other eleven are in Punjab, Sindh, and Northwest Pakistan. Punjab has five, Sindh has three, and Northwest Pakistan has two. NCH The results of the 2022 NCH Annual Exam DHMS will be posted. To see the NHC Final List for Homeopathy, go to the website below. Visit to see what your DHMS 2022 result is.

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In 2022, all first-year to fourth-year students’ DHMS annual and supply exam results will be posted by the National Council of Homeopathy (NCH) in Islamabad. Under the 1965 Act, the authority is run by the Unani Ayurvedic corporation and practitioners. NCH Annual Test DHMS Result 2022 NCH Annual Exam and National Homeopathic Result 2022 DHMS for the last written exam given by Mehmood Ul Haq Abbasi, the president of the National Council for Homeopathy.

DHMS Annual Annual Exam 2022 – NCH Result 2022

Amir Nadeem Ramy, who is a member of the National Council for Homeopathic Association, is the registrar for the council. The website for the NCH is at Click on the link to go to this self-governing entity’s official website, where you can find a lot of information, such as blogs and the most recent news. You can find the DHMS 2022 roll-by-roll results online

Results for in 2022

The National Council on Homeopathy (NCH) has updated the schedule for the DHMS 2022 annual homoeopathic exam. This body is in charge of the registration and results of homoeopathic and Unani ayurvedic practitioners. It works in line with the Act, 1965. It is in Section 5 of the UAH.

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The National Council for Homeopathy (NCH) in Pakistan is an independent group that is in charge of how homoeopathic clinical professionals are trained and enrolled.

DHMS Result 2022 National Council for Homeopathy

Diploma in Homeopathic Medical System is becoming a very popular programme among Pakistani students right now. It’s a programme for clinical experts that can make you a specialist even if you’re already registered with science. In this four-year confirmation programme, there are both Urdu and English ways to get help. It is the programme that young women are told to watch the most. Read our next article for point-by-point professional advice about how bad DHMS is in Pakistan.

The National Council for Homeopathy NCH DHMS Result 2022

The goal of Homeopathic Colleges in Pakistan is to give homoeopaths a course that gives them the knowledge and skills they need to practise with confidence and skill for the good of their patients.

Who Holds NCH DHMS Positions

The DHMS results are usually released by NCH three months after the test date. Even though the DHMS Annual Examination 2022 was set for June 2022. If you really want all of the headings about DHMS Result 2022 Pakistan NCH Annual Result, you should bookmark this page. Press here to look at your details in our database using your registration number.

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The studies of homoeopathic subjects like homoeopathic philosophy, material medicine, homoeopathic pharmacy, organon of medicine, and a lot more.

Check your NCH DHMS Result 2022 for the first year, the second year, the third year, and the fourth (last) year at

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