PMC Roll Number Slip 2023 – MDCAT Admit Card

PMC Roll Number Slip 2023 – MDCAT Admit Card-The PMC MDCAT rolls number 2023 is listed below. Candidates are encouraged to register through PMC if they want to participate in the PMC MDCAT in 2023. The MDCAT 2023 registration deadline is July 25, 2023, for Pakistan Medical and Dental Colleges. Scheduled for July 2023 is the MDCAT test for admission. The PMC MDCAT 2023 results and merits list are listed here. Using their registration number or CNIC number, you can obtain your roll number slip.

PMC Roll Number Slip 2023

The roll number slips for MDCAT candidates have been posted by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMS). The entrance exam syllabus is available for download by students who have downloaded their roll numbers. If you haven’t downloaded your roll number slip yet, click the link to go to the official website.

Download the roll number slip by entering your name or CNIC number. Contact the PMC Help Desk if you have any issues or errors while downloading the roll number slips for the 2023 MDCAT. The test for new students seeking admission to medical and dentistry institutions is administered by PMS. On this website, you may find the admit card, the syllabus, sample papers, and the last five years’ worth of exam papers.

PMC Roll Number Slip 2023 MDCAT NTS for Pakistan Medical Commission

As a result, the PMC Paper is based on multiple-choice questions. Each answer is worth one mark. There are no failing grades. The final grade will be 200. Out of a possible 200 questions, only 80 pertain to biology. Physics parts have 40 and Chemistry has 60. Only 20 questions are posed by the English.

PMC MDCAT Roll Number Slip 2021 Entry Test

The PMC MDCAT Entry Test 2021 will exclusively be administered by National Testing Service (NTS) for admission to all Government and Public Universities/Colleges in Pakistan. For the Special MDCAT Entry Test, which will be held from August 30 to September 30, 2021, in 33 Pakistani cities, a PMC MDCAT Roll Number Slip is required.

You may get the PMC National MDCAT Roll No Slip 2021 here. The PMC will be issuing these for the National MDCAT Entry 2021.


Starting on August 25, 2021, candidates can get their admission cards or roll numbers through the PMC MDCAT login page. You may access PMC Special NMDCAT Roll No Slip 2021 under Candidates Login.

Once you’ve used it for PMC MDCAT Registration 2021, enter your user name and password by clicking on pmc roll no slip. For the students taking the September 2021 NTS Special MDCAT Entry Test, PMC MDCAT Sample Paper has been published.

How Do I Get My PMC Roll Number Slip?

You can get an admission card or entry test Roll No Slip from the PMC MDCAT login page. You may view PMC National NMDCAT Roll No Slip 2023 under the student login. By clicking on PMC roll no slip, you would want to provide your client title and password. Make sure you won’t need to register again with the one you used for PMC MDCAT.


to obtain the NTS PMC Roll Number. To download and print the admission card, simply follow the procedures below.

PMC Roll No Slip 2023 Available

The MDCAT timetable won’t favour any gathering or add to anyone’s annoyance. To carry out the aforementioned obligation, the PMC’s National Medical and Dental Academic Board was managed.

Online MDCAT Roll No Slip Admit Card 2023

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