PMS Punjab Syllabus 2023 pdf download online

PMS Punjab Syllabus 20223pdf download online-The offical website check do on this page. We’re happy to tell you that the PPSC Punjab Public. Service Commission has approved the PMS and PCS Syllabus for the written exam. Which will include both required and optional topics. According to the course outline, the exam has 1400 points.(1200 for the written part and 200 for the oral part). Candidates must take all of the subjects that are required and three of the subjects that are optional. PMS Punjab Syllabus 2023 pdf download online.

PPSC PMS Punjab Syllabus of 2023

PPPSC Punjab Public Service Commission has proposed PMS and PCS Syllabi for written examinations, which cover both mandatory and optional courses. There are 1400 points in total for the exam, distributed equally between the written and oral components (a total of 1200 points each). All applicants must take three required courses and three elective courses in order to be eligible for the job.

PMS Syllabus 2023 Punjab PPSC Subjects list dowloand

Are you looking for the Punjab PPSC Subjects List for the Provincial Management Services PMS Syllabus 2023? PPSC combined Competitive examinations for the PMS curriculum for obligatory and elective topics are available here for your convenience.

There are three possibilities this year in 2023 for all Punjab domiciled male-female and Shemale applicants to sit in the PPSC PMS examinations. ‘ There are six compulsory subjects that carry 100 marks each, and seven optional subjects that carry 200 marks each, according to the new PMS Syllabus 2023 set by the Pakistan Public Service Commission (PPSC). Candidates can only select three optional subjects from each group and the total number of optional subjects they can select isĀ  do download

SR. #  
1.PPSC PMS Syllabus 2023 pdfDownload Here
2.SPSC PMS Syllabus 2023 pdfDownload Here
3.BPSC PMS Syllabus 2023 pdfDownload Here
4.AJKPSC PMS Syllabus 2023 pdfDownload Here
5.KPPSC PMS Syllabus 2023 pdfDownload Here

PMS 2023 expected date

In 2023, those who want to be considered for the job of Provincial Management Service (PMS) in the province of Punjab will be required to take part in a competitive test.

PPSC PMS Course Outline 2023 do

The candidates should be required to take all of the Compulsory Subjects as well as three Elective Subjects (nearly three from each category), and each subject should be worth 200 marks. As a consequence, there are a total of 1,200 points up for grabs in the PMS exams. The following is a list of all obligatory and optional topics, along with a subject-by-subject breakdown, according to the PMS exam marks and the new regulations that have been implemented. Candidates have the opportunity to acquire the PMS course overview here in its entirety.

PMS Syllabus for Compulsory Subjects do download

You are well aware that this PMS test is given in order to recruit officers for the several provincial departments that fall within BPS-17’s jurisdiction. The syllabus for the Provincial Management Service Exam, which will take place in 2023.

Prior to take this PMS Examination, it is extremely vital to be aware of whether the subjects being tested on are mandatory or optional. However, before that, you are familiar with the prerequisites that must be met in order to be qualified for participation in the PMS test.

PMS Compulsory Subjects Marks 600 Is

In addition to that, the PMS Eligibility Criteria 2023 is provided below. Therefore, each elective and needed marks are 1200, and in order to be eligible for the posting, it is essential for every applicant to achieve a minimum of fifty percent of the marks on the PMS PPSC look at 2023. If candidates do not meet this requirement, then they will be disqualified.

PMS Jobs Test Result 2023 Answer keys

The PPSC has determined that there will be a total of six mandatory topics, each of which will be worth 100 points, as well as seven groups of optional subjects, each of which will be worth 200 marks, for a grand total of 600 marks.

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