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Psw Registration 2023-The Pakistan Single Window (PSW) initiative has been launched by the Pakistan Custom Department for traders. International traders will have access to digital tools for commodities import and export. It is a free service that custom departments may use to save time. To assist the community of traders, Pakistan’s government has for the first time implemented an electronic registration system called PSW. PSW is an integrated and digital platform for the improvement of regulatory requirements linked to import, export, and transit. The Pakistani government has been successful in establishing a framework between banks and customs. You must first finish the PSW registration process online at You will discover how to subscribe to and register for PSW through this article. So be sure to read this content completely.Psw Registration 2023.

Psw registration 2023

Pakistan, a party to the Trade Facilitation Agreement (2015) of the World Trade Organization, has announced the establishment of a “National Single Window” (NSW) as a “Category C” commitment that would begin on February 22nd. Using an entry point that may satisfy the import, export, and transit-related rules, this NSW is an online gateway that enables all parties involved in global trade and transportation to submit standard papers and information. if the data is electronic and each component can only be delivered once.

PSW Registration 2023 Last Date

Single Pakistan Window In Pakistan, PSW is a National Single Window NSW system based on ICT. To start the PSW Registration process, visit to using your web browser.Select  Registration from the menu. Check the box after reading the terms and conditions carefully. I click the continue button after accepting the terms and conditions. Choose the bank from the drop-down menu and Please supply the following information for authentication: CNIC, NTN, and SECP No.

PSW Registration Process 2023

Online registration for PSWs is easy. Visit to begin your online registration by subscribing. You must use a reliable internet connection with your device. The subscription button may be found on the home page. Click it. You must now go to the following stage, which is verification. Give your CNIC, NTN, SECP, mobile, and email addresses. Deposit PSW subscription fees that are not refundable at the authorised banks.

 Payments for PSW registration are made to many banks. To verify your biometrics, go to the NADRA office that is closest to you. Candidates should set up a special password so they may log in to your account again. One trader has a bank account and is authorised by the bank. Following that, dealers are no longer required to undertake nonstop trading operations.

Pakistan Single Window Registration

The system will update your payment status once you make a payment, changing it to paid. You are now on a page for information authentication where you may verify your email address and cellphone number. To send an OTP, click the button. Two OTP codes will be forwarded by this PSW service. One to the mobile device and one to the email address you provided. You must input the code that will be delivered to your phone by SMS into the text box under “Mobile OTP.”

Authority Letter for PSW registration

The STRN, Company Name, Principal Activity, CNIC, Business Name, and Business Address will be retrieved from the FBR database when you click the “Validate” button. Click “Generate Voucher” after entering your valid CNIC and mobile number (which must be entered without a ‘0’, i.e., 3331234567). The word “Paid” will be added to your Payment Status after a successful transaction. To proceed with the procedure, click the “Proceed” button. login

Within the public sector, PSW will simplify the procedures related to the rules governing foreign commerce. By lowering the costs, complexity, and time needed to comply with these requirements, this can help economic players including exporters, importers, and importers as well as freight forwarders, shipping firms, clearing agents, and transporters, etc. The implementation of PSW will cut down on the time, expense, and effort needed to achieve compliance.

Pakistan Single Window PSW Registration website

For the purpose of doing biometric verification, they demanded Rs. 200. The process of changing your biometric verification status will take a few hours. Once the button to go forward has been activated and your status has been confirmed.

Congratulation! Your subscription has ended. Your registered email address received a link to create your password. You will discover a URL in an email that you will receive and should click on. You may create an account password by clicking that link. Account PSW. For complete information about PSW Registration, keep reading this page.

PSW Recruitment Process

To sign up for PSW, follow these steps. Use your internet browser to navigate to to begin the Subscription process. To subscribe, click the button. Read the Terms and Conditions, check the box that says “I accept,” and then click the Proceed button. Enter the NTN number and check your details on the Subscription Information wizard. Provide the subscriber’s CNIC and the mobile number associated with that CNIC. Create a voucher in the Payment Process and pay using PSID (Payment Slip ID).

PSW Biometric Verification Online

Nowadays, there is a NADRA office in every city in Pakistan. The online PSW biometric verification service is available at all NADRA offices in Pakistan. Every trader must verify their PSW using biometrics. Pakistan’s customs department has established several PSW offices in cities including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Faisalabad. We really hope that this article is sufficient for PSW registration. The PSW authorities will be able to provide you with more details.

Psw registration meezan bank

The new feature enables foreign-owned and locally-owned companies to subscribe to the PSW system and conduct cross-border trade transactions without the need for a Pakistani national director or authorised representative who is registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) or the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

Personal Support Worker Registration Form 2023

The curriculum requires ENG3C or above as a minimum qualification. There is a challenge assessment available, however those who have the English requirement are given precedence. Continue reading for details on educational requirements, job options, requirements for working in the health sector, and much more.

Returning PSW Students for Quad 1 of September 2023

This form must be completed by students who started in 2020 or later and wish to re-enroll at the start of Q1 in September 2023. Only students who have earned one or more credits through the programme within two years of the date of their departure are eligible to use this form. It depends on space being available in the programme.

Pakistan Single Window Login

By using an online service that effectively manages the details of every transaction, it provides the simplicity and transparency needed to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations without requiring users to repeatedly provide the same information or travel physically to government department offices. One Window is a service that enables persons involved in commerce and transportation to submit standardised data and paperwork through a solitary entry point that can fulfil all export, import, and transit-related rules.

01PSWPakistan Single Window
02NTNNational Tax Number
04NADRANational Database & Registration Authority
05NSWNational Single Window
06IFCInternational Finance Corporation
07EoDBEase Of Doing Business
08ITInformation Technology
09PMDPakistan MNP (Mobile Number Portability) Database
10FBRFederal Board of Revenue
11STRNSales Tax Registration Number
12CNICComputerized National Identity Card
13OTPOne Time Password
14ADCAlternate Delivery Channel
15PSIDPayment Slip Identification
16PKRPakistan Rupees
17ATMAutomated Teller Machine
18UIDUser Identity
19CUINCorporate Unique Identifier Number
20SECPSecurities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
21SROStatutory Regulatory Order
22IRISInland Revenue Information System
23OGAOther Government Agencies
24SIMSubscriber Identity Module- Provided by Telecommunication Operator
25FTNFree Tax Number
26IMSIInternational Mobile Subscriber Identity

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Ph:+92 51 9257428
Fax:+92 51 9257431
Address:Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad. Pakistan

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